Mistry Surrounding Pastor Yiga’s Life

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News circulating in town is that Kampala’s renowned pastor Augustin Yiga of revival church ministries in Kawala is feared dead but Nsambya hospital dismisses the reports.

Yiga commonly known as “Mbizayo”, early this month was hospitalized in Nsambya hospital with liver complications where he has been receiving treatment.

This morning, news about the death of pastor Yiga started circulating that the renowned pastor has taken his last breath. But this has strongly been distanced by his own television station ABS maintaining that Yiga is still alive though in hospital.

Yiga was arrested and remanded at Kitalya prison during the covid19 lockdown for alleging that Uganda had no covid19, an act government deemed unlawful then.

After a month in prison he was released on bail and cautioned not to ever mislead the public on issues to do with coid19.

Yiga has engaged himself in a number of battles with both his subjects, fellow pastors, and other citizens with most contesting his doctrine.

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