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Nrm Independents Vow To Contest Against Flag Bearers


NRM independents in Rubaga and Nakawa divisions vow not to leave the political race for party flag bearers despite the heated reconciliation process by top party leaders.

Over 100 independents contesting on all posts of leadership maintain they were won unfairly following the exercise which was full of malpractices, buying voters and returning officers making the process not free and fair.

Nasozi Roy is among the NRM leaning independents maintaining the stand to contest in the coming general elections against her fellow party official flag bearer in Rubaga on the post of woman councilor LC5.

Convening the reconciliation meeting with the independents in Kampala, Capt. Mike Mukula blasted top party leaders for fronting selfish interests which have cost the party and cautions that all unpatriotic leaders in party must be dealt with.

There are many party administrators who have been given money to facilitate party activities but end up bagging it and this must stop.” Says Mukula.

He adds that the problem of NRM is not the opposition, the problem is within the party and the selfish administrators are the problem.

The party national treasurer Rosemary Namayanja reveals that the reconciliation team which started the process on Wednesday last week has achieved some degree of success in some parts of the country and will be ending the process on Wednesday this week.

The unhappy independents are going to contest at local council and the parliamentary levels.


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