Gov’t To Support, Protect Kooki’s Independent Status -Naduli

By Davis Buyondo


The government has committed its support for Kooki, and other gazatted traditional Institutions in a bid to protect their independence and administration.

Alhaji- Abdul Naduli, the Minister without Portfolio, said on Saturday at the 10th Marriage Anniversary of Kooki Cultural Leader-Apollo Ssansa Kabubmbuli II and Omugo-Rebecca Tulituuka at their home in Kitovu village, Kitende parish.

According to Naduli, who was chief guest, this is meant to promote peace and cooperation among all cultural institutions that were gazatted by the constitution.

He further warned the all institutions against interfering with the affairs of other independent cultural institutions.

“The 1896 Agreement between Kooki and Buganda Kingdom is no longer binding. Its functionality ceased when former president Dr. Apollo Milton Obote’s regime proscribed kingdoms and cultural rule and administration in Uganda,” he explained.

He added that Kooki has remained with its independence before and after the agreement until now given the fact that Kamuswaga is not appointed.

According to Naduli, all cultural institutions that are gazatted in the constitution must be respect each other’s independent administration.

“These institutions, small or big, have leaders and their administration. I ask each of them to mind their businesses,” he added.

He further advised cultural leaders to desist from politics adding that they should focus on working towards the development of their institutions.

Naduli’s remarks came at the time when Kooki and Buganda loggerheads over leadership of their institutions. On different occasions, subjects of the two arch-rivals have clashed prompting police’s intervention to disperse them.


The Kamuswaga thanked his wife Rebecca Tulittuuka for standing with him through soft and tough times for the 10 years of their marriage. He appealed to her to continue with the love and patience for the good of their family and Kooki as an institution.

He appealed to Kooki subjects to respect and protect their wives and husband and families and trust God to strengthen them during the challenging moments.

He further encouraged the bakooki organise themselves according to their cultural traditions and beliefs for the development of the institution.

Kamuswaga said that Kooki has already advanced from young institution to a mature and well established institution with all its leadership structures.

Al-hajji Idi Ahmed Kiwanuka, the Kooki Prime Minister, said that with government support, Kooki is meant to develop socially, economically and historically.

“Our independence gives us strength to mobilise and plan for the development of Kooki,” he said.

Present at the function were Amos Mandela, the Buyamba County MP, and other dignitaries.


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