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By Damba Rogers
The health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is urging all health workers in Uganda to use the revised Uganda clinical guidelines 2016 and essential medicines and health supplies list for Uganda 2016 books as they go about their daily duties, saying these will help provide them guidance while providing treatment to patients.
Officiating at the launch of the two guidelines in Kampala today, the health minister reminds the health practitioners that these guidelines are fully and clearly prescribing the basic treatment, medicines a health worker should use while proving health care to a patient which adds on to their already acquired knowledge from medical school and cautions them not to shelve the guidelines.

The assistant commission pharmacy in the health ministry, Dr.Seru Morris adds that the two guidelines are having new disease guides which were not included in the old edition among them being, TB, Diabetes, Sickle cells, Monopoles, prostate, nutrition, nodding disease among other non communicable diseases and their respective treatment guidelines and at which health center levels.
But the end users of these guidelines at the respective health facilities now recommend that govt ensures that the information in the guidelines is well disseminated to health workers and officers across the country for effective use if health service provision is to improve.

The two guidelines which are to be distributed to govt and private health facilities, training schools, respective health practioners’ associations are geared towards promoting high quality health care by guiding health medicine supplies, equipment supplies as used for treatment.

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