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Rights activists in Uganda are condemning govt for wrongly implementing the decentralized system of governance which according to them has failed service delivery at local govt level across the country.

Addressing a news conference ahead of the 4th annual conference on economic social and cultural rights slated for tomorrow in Kampala, the chairman Uganda human rights commission, Hon. Medi Sozi Kagwa is sure that the conference will provide the public with an opportunity to share opinions and speak candidly about any challenges faced in service delivery especially at the local government level for the central govt to make changes for the good of the masses that are benefiting from the services.

Speaking to Christopher Mbazira, the principal of law at makerere university waters down all the efforts by the govt to create new districts in the guise of extending services nearer to the communities and says that this motive is geared at attain a political motive of a given party and demands that it should be stopped since it raises a burden of the national budget.

However, Mike Aboneka from global rights alliance appreciates the system and its benefits but wants local governments fully given powers to run their businesses as this is the only way services will effectively and efficiently trickle down to the masses for faster development.


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