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Work On Economies To Avert Refugees EU


 The head of the European delegation to Uganda, H.E. Ambassador Attilio Pacifici is tasking all African governments to critically draw policies that are geared towards improving their national economies as this will help crack down on forced economic migrations to European.

Attilio says most Africans have on an annual basis been migrating to different European nations in search for jobs but end up as refugees with some facing legal, economic, social problems along the routes to European or even after making it to their desired destinations in Europe something the ambassador says does not mirror very well in front of the donor partners.

Speaking at the signing of the financing agreement for the sector reform and performance contract on justice and accountability reforms, between Uganda and EU today in Kampala, he further challenges the African union always to put more emphasis on such issues that affected Africans at the AU meetings as this will then help find lasting solutions to such problems.

However, the finance minister,Matia Kasaija also condemns the acts of economic migration among Africans but agrees that African leaders need to expeditiously handle the issues of job creation in their respective countries as this will see youth get employment and stop migrating to developed countries searching for jobs.

Kasaija further reveals that Uganda passes out over 500,000 gradates every year from various education institutions but most of them spend not less than a couple of years on the streets searching for jobs something that keeps him worried.

But to solve this, Uganda is laying aggressive and better strategies among them being, searching for investors to invest in the country to provide jobs to the fast growing population, construct roads, power stations, provide security as some of the conditions to attract more investors in the country who will then provide jobs to the citizens.

He also mentions various government programmes that specifically target special groups like, the youths, women, elderly, PWDs saying they have empowered people through creation of jobs.

Currently emerging reports from Libya concerning illegal migrations are worrying as most of the migrants have faced problems through facing dehumanizing acts. This year almost 2,000 people have died trying to make this crossing. And the Libyan coast guard intercepts many of the boats transporting illegal immigrants from across Africa to Italy.


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