Why MPs Salaries Have Delayed –Ogwang

Why MPs Salaries Have Delayed –Ogwang

By Adiga Julius

The Commissioner of Parliament Peter Ogwang has explained the delayed payment of salaries of members of Parliament.

According Mr. Ogwang, government cut 100 billion shillings from the budget of the Parliamentary Commission, which has caused delays in the payment of members of Parliament.

“First I want to say this, its true there has been a delay in paying our salaries. It is because of one fact: government cut 100 billion Uganda shillings from the parliamentary commission budget.”

He said parliament has been in negotiation with government and the good news is that, government finally has responded covering up part of the money, which has been the reason for having a challenge with the Last quarter.

“Government sent 38 billion shillings in the week to parliament to solve the problem.” He added, “So I want to apologize on behalf of the commission, to colleagues, whom I have been talking to, so the good thing even me, the Commissioner am also in the same state like my colleagues Ogwang has thereby apologized on behalf of parliament, saying it wasn’t parliaments Fault, but government having cut the 100 billion shillings from Parliamentary commission budget.

Though less has been released, he says it is better than nothing that only 38 billion has been provided. However, with limited funds, activities of several committees have been affected and also allowances for the months of April and May .

Meanwhile, Buhweju County MP Oliver Katwsigye Koyekyenga said it’s not something new for salaries to delay a few months to the end of a financial year. “It’s true there has been a delay of payment, it’s not only MPs, when you look at teachers and doctors they are also complaining, so this is a time we normally face this kind of challenges around the budget time, it’s not something new that should worry members, this is our money’’ It will come any time ”.

However Rubanda county east MP Henery Musasizi, wonders why MPs Complain when they know that the month has not ended.

“The month has not yet ended, so why should an MP complain, in my view they should be patient, because it not a budget issue, the money is there, but if parliament is taking long because of cash flow Challenges it will be resolved.” He said.


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