70% Emerging Infectious Diseases In Human Are From Animals.


By Adiga Julius

Health experts in the country reveal that 70% of emerging infectious diseases in humans are animal diseases which are caused by man’s interaction with animals and the environment.

Dr. Musa Sekamatte the national coordinator one health platform in the health ministry expresses worries over the continued emerging of animal diseases among humans noting that annually, they register new seven diseases spread to humans from animals.

He further reveals that zoonotic diseases like, Brucellosis, anthrax, Ebola, among other hemorrhagic fevers that have continuously broken out originate from animals which are always into contact with man.

However, the senior veterinary inspector from the agriculture ministry, Dr, Kisuule Lawrence urges human beings to always be careful when getting into contact with animals both domestic and wild animals, saying they carry diseases which can easily be transmitted to man.

Dr. Kisuule then urges people who keep animals always to vaccinate them against diseases like rabies among others adding that zoonotic diseases are costly with a human being infected with anthrax needs a minimum of UGX.10,000 to be treated yet vaccinating infected animals would cost UGX.1500.

Though the ministries under the one health platform are working hard to scale down the burden at national level, it is still challenging for them at district level as most of the officers at the districts are not aware of the platform and its benefits.

Experts further state that areas in the cattle corridor namely, Karamoja, Kasese, Mbarara, Isingiro, Kiruhura, Mubende, Rakai, Lwengo, Nakasongola, Kibale among others are having high prevalence of transmissions.

One health programme was launched in Uganda way back in 2016 with the aim of having the ministry of agriculture, health, water and environment plus tourism work together in a bid to combat the increasing burden of animal-human health.


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