We’re Ready To Go To Drc. Ugandan Doctors.

By.Damba Rogers

Uganda doctors under their body, the Uganda medical association, express their readiness to be deployed in DRC to help their counterparts in the fight against the deadly ebola disease which has since claimed 1200 lives.

According to the president Uganda medical association, Dr. Ebuku Okwaro, Ugandan doctors have exhibited enough experience in handling and treatment of ebola cases on the continent and he much sure they can offer better services in the neigbouring DRC.

He also cautions Uganda govt not to let pilgrims from DRC just mix with other pilgrim at Namugongo but rather carry out massive screening of these special pilgrims to avert likely spread of ebola incase a pilgrim from DRC happens to have carried the disease.

This will not be the first time Uganda doctors fly to other African country to offer their services in regards to Ebola treatment, with the recent being in West Africa.

Ebola is spread by coming into body close contact with a patient, sharing items with victim and always presents with fever, vomiting, passing out of water in all body outlets, body pain, weakness among others and can be prevented by maintaining proper hygiene, not coming into contact with a person carrying the disease or even the body and many more.


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