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Vulnerable Women & Girls In Uganda Feel Neglected.

By. Damba Rogers

Vulnerable women and girls in slums of Kikubamutwe in Makindye division feel being neglected by the gov despite the loud message about women emancipation by the current regime.

One of the residents is Sharifah Muhammad who castigated the poor living, working conditions in the area coupled with limited access to better health and education which has fueled poverty among the residents.
Sharifah says such conditions can not truly warrantee them to joyfully mark the world women’s day.

However, former miss world and Uganda 2018 Queen Abenachio calls on ugandan leaders to always come to the polite of such communities if uganda is to boast of attaining the desired SGDs.

Now Sandra from UWOMENT calls for the passing and implementation of laws and policies which will address the conditions of women and girls in Uganda for women to fully enjoy and celebrate their day.

Uganda has ratified a number of global pacts all geared towards addressing women and girls challanges as a means of giving them a better life. But this has not fully been realized and this has kept women and the girl child wanting.

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