Ugandans in Diaspora Petition Kadaga Over Land Grabbing

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Ugandans in Diaspora have petitioned the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga over rampant land grabbing in the country, which they say has greatly affected their investment plans.

Through the Diaspora desk in Uganda, Ugandans in the Diaspora want the government to put in place strategies to protect their investments back home.

President of Uganda North American Association (UNAA) Henrietta Nairuba Wamala made the appeal , in a meeting with the speaker at Parliament.

She said many people in daispora feel their properties are not safe in Uganda due to rampant land-grabbing in the country.

She said, Ugandans in the diaspora have greatly suffered losses citing a case of some who buy land, only to return and find that there are other people holding titles for the same land. In other cases, she says, the Ugandans return to find that land-grabbers have erected buildings on their land.

She also expressed concern over the new immigration law which requires them to present national IDs during acquisition and renewal of passports, which she says is troublesome owing to the tedious process involved in the acquisition of national IDs.

She explaned that there is only one bio-metric station in Washington that serves all Ugandans in North America. This she said, makes the process costly.

She appealed to the government to broaden coverage of bio-metric services to all states of America to save ugandans in North America pay thousands of dollars to travel to renew passports.

Kadaga said land grabbing has become an epidemic in Uganda with individuals who think that they are entitled to everything in Uganda, but she will continue to speak against it until when “impunity” is prevailed over.

Kadaga said she is going to engage the Foreign Affairs ministry over the inadequacy of bio-metric machines to have services easier for the Ugandan population abroad.

The government of Uganda currently operates only three biometric stations in the Diaspora with one in the UK, one for Nordic countries, and another one in Washington DC which serves all the 50 states of North America.   

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