Uganda Should Prioritize Early Childhood Development

By. Our reporter.

The education practice manager for East Africa at World Bank, Safaa El Kogali is asking the government of Uganda to interest itself in early childhood development and not leave it to private players.

Speaking at the Uganda teachers and school effectiveness project disseminassion workshop in Kampala today, Safaa stated that, pre-primary education calls for heavy investment as this ensure good trajectory in the future after pre-primary.

“ Every dollar that you invest in pre-primary education counts and always makes a very big difference” Says Safaa.

Saffa also highlights the need to invest a lot in qualifying teachers and focusing on school leadership aspects.

However, the state minister in charge of primary education, Hon. Rosemary Sseninde reveals that govt will soon launch a policy which will guide early childhood development, adding that this will then cater for all sections of learners in the country.

The world bank reveals that failure by Africa governments to invest in pre-primary education has led to high learning poverty among African school going children with statistics indicating 87% of 10 year old children unable to read and write and for Uganda, 86% of these children can not read and write which has affected their learning cycle.


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