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Spedag Launch Digital Cargo Tracking Devise

By Damba Rogers

In a bid to keep their clients on track of where their cargo is, SPEDAG INTERFREIGHT has launched a new cargo tracking devise dubbed, Peri Spoor.

The SPEDAG interfreight regional CEO, Dilip Bhandari says, the real time tracking solution is to benefit more than 500 interested stake holders, with the innovation going to allow free and convenient cargo tracking along the sea, rail and road.

The innovation is operational in East Africa among other countries like, Rwanda, DRC, Zambia, Burundi among other countries. The service feature was developed by Peruplus in Switzerland which is a start-up company focusing on incremental innovation solutions for the logistics industry.

“It is our first jointly developed solution with this young start-up. The speed of its realization in only a few months is impressive and the potential for enhancements are enormous”, Said Daniel Richner.

However, with the coming of this technology, this means that all the human labour force that has been engaged in the tracking of cargo will have to be laid off on a certain moment, though Bhandari plays down these fears.
Officials from SPEDAG pledge to continue making the innovation more complex to prevent hackers from breaking into the system.


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