Search Still On In Bududa As Death Toll Rises

By. Emergency teams

The death toll in the Bududa landslides is now standing at 6 and 29 injured, with 13 males and 14 females.

According to the rescue teams comprising of national emergency coordination unit in the prime ministers office and Uganda red cross, the injured are admitted at Bududa hospital and most of them are in stable condition.

Among these, 2 are under 5 years of age, with serious cases among those admitted being  2. (One man with a broken back & woman with deep chest pain)

The affected Sub- Counties include,  Buwaali, Bukalasi,Bundesi,Bumayoka,Bubiita. The entire district particularly those living in delicate areas have been sensitized through local radio stations to vacate the risky areas with all fragile areas under watch by the emergency response teams on the ground

A total number of households affected currently stand at 80, with population of approximately 400 people still having nowhere to sleep and little to feed on.

The displaced households are 70, with a population of approximately 400 people. 

However, the survivors have moved to seek shelter from relatives and friends, while others are camped at Bukhaali P/S.

According to Uganda red cross society, Immediate needs like Food, Safe Shelter, Clean water / Water purifiers, Latrine facilities, Nonfood items (household items)  Warm clothes, and blankets are needed to support the survivors get a decent living. It has been confirmed that 200 bags of posho and 100 bags of beans arrived this morning.

With all that said, the communities in the troubled area still face other risks/threats, ranging from Continued rainfall, Likelihood of disease outbreaks like Pneumonia in children, cholera due to poor hygiene & sanitation, diarrheal diseases among others and more likely deaths due to all the above conditions.

The Uganda Red cross together with the local police is supporting the retrieval of bodies and ensuring their dignity. But the national coordination emergency response unit from the prime ministers’ office confirms handing over the bodies to their respective families for burial.

.Among the dead include,

– Mary Cerina Kibone (73 years old)

– Patrick Wakuwema (4. Years)

– Seera Miriam Alice (7 years old)

– Mary Kimono (13 years old)

– Nasaka Loyce – 9 years old

– Watwasa Emmanuel – 16 years old.

The heavy rains which came down on 4th June at 7:30pm GMT caused the landslides which have caused massive destruction and loss of lives in Bududa district.


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