President Kyagulany Arrested. Citizens Turn Chaotic


Police and other security organs have today blocked and arrested presidential hopeful and National Unity Platform candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert and driven from Luuka district to Nalufenya in Jinja district.

Kyagulanyi was meant to hold his campaign rallies in Luuka and other districts in the eastern region but was blocked and arrested.

Before his arrest, Kyagulanyi and his entourage was tear gassed together with his supporters who had come to attend his rally to listen to his message.

Also his media persons and body guards have been serious beaten and injured and admitted to hospital. Among those seriously injured include Ashraf Kasirye Kyagulanyi’s immediate social media person.

Kyagulanyi’s arrested today with no reason yet given by the state, has sparked off violence in several town including, Kampala, Jinja, Kamuli, Masaka among other districts.

Angry citizens around Uganda have turned violent, burning tyres, pieces of wood in the middle of roads mainly Kampala, Iganga, Kamuli and others.

Police as usual has started firing tear gas to calm down protestors in various towns who are pressurizing the state to release their candidate.

Business in these areas are closed in fear of what might happen after.

Since the start of the presidential campaigns, opposition candidates have been engaged in running battles with security organs.

The increased security brutality against opposition candidates and their supporters has seen several groups among them, lawyers, human rights activists, religious leaders and diplomats speaks with one voice condemning the high handedness of security organs against the opposition and their supporters.


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