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Police Should Apologise To Me & Judiciary Should Pay My Retirement Benefits. Kanyaihamba.

By. Damba Rogers

Retire high court judge Prof. George Kanyaihamba is calling for an apology on the front page of various local dailies over the defamatory statement the police made against them over last Friday’s fracas which happened at his residence in Buziga.

Last Friday(7th/June/2019), one of Kanyaihamba’s residential guard identified as Magololo declined to hand over his gun to his immediate boss (Justice Kanyaihamba) as he was leaving for burial of his late father in Busia. The back and forth incident caught the attention of the general public through social media.

To his surprise, the police released a completely different statement blaming Kanyeihamba of mistreating his guards which he strongly distances.

Kanyeihamba who broke down and cried in the middle of the press conference reveals that since his retirement 10 years back, he has not received his retirement benefits, his body guards are not being paid, forcing him to dig deep in his pocket to pay their salaries, feed, treat them.

He them says, even though senior police officer have visited him at his residence, he still seeks an apology published in local dailies.

He also reveals that he has already contacted two lawyers to file a case in the high court against the police and the judiciary actions for his compensation and protection for deformation and refund of all his monies he has lent to both institutions in return of which he is abused, despised and belittled and threatened with accersotion.

Today the commandant VIPPU/VIS of the police CP Owomugisha Herman with his senior officers visited the retired Judge at his residence to apologize for what has happened to him but asked him to put the apology in writing in the local dailies.


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