Ebola Death Toll Rises To 3 & Positive Cases.

By. MOH& Our reporter

The health ministry of Uganda and the global health organization confirm two new positive Ebola victims in the western district of Kasese where a five-year-old boy died yesterday of the same deadly disease.

In a letter dates 12th June 2019 and sent to media houses from the health ministry, signed by the director clinical services, Dr. Charles Olara confirms the 50 year old grandmother and a three year old brother are related to the deceased.

The blood samples taken off the victims and deceased tested positive of the ebola virus as per the results obtained from the Uganda virus research institute (UVRI) and now the ministry is monitoring closely the eight contacts who have been line listed and have been isolated at Bwera hospital Ebola management unit for further management.

The confirmed cases presented with following symptoms, vomiting blood, bloody diarrhea, muscle pain, headache, abdominal pain, fatigue.

The five year old who traveled with his mother to DRC for burial on 10th this month and tested positive, died today morning.

Both the ministry and development partners are taking the following measures to contain the disease, among them, setting up a rapid response team, evaluating the situation, the ministry will take ring vaccination of contacts to the case and other non vaccinated frontline health and other workers beginning 14th june 2019, contact trace cases and manage burials.

The ministry further assures the public about the safety and effectiveness of the Ebola vaccine and frontline health and other workers plus victims should not worry but accept to take the shots for their own safety.

The public is called upon to always wash their hands with soap and clean water, communities on Uganda-DRC border should suspend market days and mass gatherings, report suspected cases to relevant authorities and avoid touching patients suspected to have Ebola.

Now the health ministry is urging all communities from affected areas to accept screening at all entry points of the country.


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