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MPs Set to Meet M7 On Sugar Bill

MPs Set To Meet  M7 On Sugar Bill 2016

The Parliamentary committee on tourisim , trade and industry  handling the sugar bili 2016 is set to Meet President Museveni next week ,the chairperson of the committee Alex Ruhunda has said.

He said  the committee is intrested in meeting the president is because he had already made directives on a number of issues which are touching the serious clauses Within the Bill.

“The sugar bill has taken quit some time, it’s one of the hot issues we have been handling as a committee ,we are in the final stages, we have covered 95% of Bill he said “. 

Nduhura said that, as a committee they want to balance what millers ,growers and policy makers are saying that’s why they are going  to meet the President .

” We shall listen to his views and do the final draft in January” he added.

The main objective of the Bill, is to ensure that there is a sustainable diversified ,modern and compitive sugar sector to meet democratic, regional and internal sugar requirements. 


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