Local Govts Asked to Secure Titles for Stadia Across the – Country  

Local Govts Asked to Secure Titles for Stadia Across the Country  

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The Minister of State for Education and Sports Denis Hamson Obua has urged all local governments to expedite the processes of acquiring land titles to all the stadia and playgrounds under their jurisdiction.

The call by the minister comes at a time when a number of playgrounds under the management of districts have been encroached on by illegal occupants.

Mr. Obua said if this is not done, then the country is likely to lose its sports facilities to illegal occupants.

“Before Covid-19 lockdown in Uganda and immediately after my appointment, I started a program with the support of the Ministry, PS and the technical team of engaging the local government to start the process of using the offices that have been put in place at a regional level by the Ministry of Lands to ensure that, they legally acquire land titles for these facilities,” the Minister explained.

He said working with district land boards to acquire land titles to the playgrounds and stadia will be of help to save the facilities and promote the growth of sports in the country.

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