Bassajja Mivule Desserts People Power, Defects to NRM

Bassajja Mivule Desserts People Power, Defects to NRM

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Bassajja mivule, a renowned political activist and Radio presenter has denounced, the struggle people power now National Unity Party  (NUP) has been fronting to dislodge the current regime. This comes at a time when Ugandans are bracing themselves for the upcoming 2021 general elections.

Speaking at a press briefing in Ntinda, He was welcomed to the NRM by events promoter of Balaam Barugahara, Mivule said that He has come to realize that the people power group is nothing but a misguided group of people.

“I have come out to guide the youth in the right direction as far as politics is concerned. We can’t stand and just look on as an empire of hooligans is being set up to lead our country,” Mr. Mivule noted.

We cannot afford to have an empire whereby their king is not willing to take advice from anybody.” Mivule added.

He thanked President Museveni for being tolerant of his critics. He said that He has abused Him for years but he was never reprimanded yet the bobi wine supporters are on his case for speaking out against Him.

Mivule claims that even if Bobi wine’s people power was given a chance, they can never rule the country even for a period of just three months.

“Let no Ugandan give a single vote to these Hooligans of people power. I, therefore, vowed to use all the necessary resources available to me to crush people’s power movement. I therefore openly vow to support Yoweri Museveni so that I can add something positive to my country.” Mivule said

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