Lawyers Petition Constitutional Court Over Repealing Poma

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A group of lawyers and human rights advocates have filed a constitutional petition in the constitutional court challenging some sections of the public order management Act sections 4 to 10 and want them declared illegal.

Council Grace Mark Tusubira the lead petitioner says, though the court pronounced itself on this contentious law, there are some sections which still exist and are used by police to curtail freedoms of assembly among citizens.

The lawyers under the network of public interest lawyers (NETPIL) argue that POMA is one of those outdated laws still standing in the law books of Uganda.

They further say, during campaign times like these police is wrongly using this law to prohibit candidates from meeting their supporters.

POMA has been challenged in court on several occasions. One of them being the Muwanga Kivumbi against the attorney general case.

In Constitutional Petition No.09 of 2005 Muwanga Kivumbi Vs Attorney. General, this Court declared section 32(2) of the Police Act unconstitutional. In. 2013, the Parliament of Uganda passed the Public Order Management Act. (POMA) … Act ( POMA) does not violate any provision of the Constitution.

Rights activists maintain that POMA was enacted with the aim of oppressing the opposition and those seen to be vocal against government works or acts.


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