Kadaga’s Transfer to Nairobi Was About Her Privacy- Nankabirwa.


By Tusiime Apollo.

The decision to have the Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Rebbeca Kadaga transferred from Nakasero Hospital where she had been initially admitted, to Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi Kenya was premised on concerns of privacy, not because Nakasero Hospital lacked the necessary equipment and expertise to manage her health condition.

According to the NRM Chief Whip in Parliament Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa who is also Kiboga District Woman MP, Kadaga’s handlers made a decision to have the ailing legislator transfered from Nakasero; a local private Hospital where she had been accommodated for just one day, because they were nolonger sure of her privacy while there.

“Someone’s illness is a private matter” said Nankabirwa.
“It is a different case when one is admitted in intensive care unit.” “This is a place where one is required to remove all the clothes and given a special set of clothing before he or she is allowed to visit a patient, and everyone wanted to go and see her even when they knew she is in intensive care unit” Nankabirwa added.

Nankabirwa noted that on her recent visit to Kadaga in Nairobi where she is hospitalized, the doctors attending to her affirmed that the Speaker was being managed very well at Nakasero but it was her privacy concerns that prompted the transfer to Aga Khan Hospital.

During the interactive meeting with the press today at her office, Nankabirwa expressed concern over the structures at Nakasero Hospital and it’s location in Kampala City which she said were not fit for a “VVIP” who the Speaker is.

“The intensive care unit at Nakasero Hospital is seperated from other rooms by just curtains”
Nankabirwa wondered as if asserting concerns over the low level of privacy there, before adding that the heavy traffic jam around the hospital was another challenge especially to those who wish to quickly access the facility.

She however noted that the Speaker’s health condition is improving and said that she is not aware of plans to have Kadaga transferred to Spain for futher treatment as reported in the media. “The doctors told me she was able to take a meal and make a phone call” said Nankabirwa who empasized that fatigue is so serious especially to people who sit in chairs for long hours which she said can lead to blood clotting; a very catastrophic health condition.

The health condition of Speaker Kadaga has remained a matter of speculation ever since she was admitted at Nakasero Hospital on 22nd March 2019 immediately after returning from a tour of duty abroad, over what his handlers called ‘fatigue’ with many Ugandans questioning how her purpoted health condition could not be locally handled but warranted transfer to Kenya.

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