Journalists Walk Out On Security Officers

Journalists Walk Out On Security Officers 

By Damba Rogers

Very angry journalists have walked out of the security press conference at the state media center after the UPDF political commissar Brig. Gen Matsiko failed to apologize for the brutality mated on journalists covering opposition presidential candidate’s trails.

Yesterday in Masaka several journalists were seriously injured by police and UPDF under the command of masaka regional police commander a one Blaine.

Ali Mivule from Ntv was allegedly shot by Baine with a tear gas gun even when he was wearing a press jacket, Lutaya from Nbs tv who was traveling on a boda boda (commercial motorbike) was injured and Ashraf Kasirye from ghetto tv was shot on the head seriously injuring him and still lies in Nsambya hospital in Kampala unconscious.

This was not the first time journalists have faced it off with security organs while covering opposition politicians since the start of campaigns.

As a weekly routine security organs address journalists at the state media center but today journalists religiously attended the press conference with intentions to demand clear apologies from the security organs which didn’t materialize hence the standoff and a unanimous walk away.

Immediately outside the gate of the center, over 20 police officers, local defense unit on motorcycles and patrols arrived with intentions to arrest the journalists who were peacefully demonstrating in solidarity with their colleagues who were brutalized yesterday.

It only took the wisdom of the UPDF publicist Brig. Byekwaso to order the police and LDU not to arrest anyone.

Journalists are now seriously demanding for a formal apology from these organs which diverted from their duties to protect citizens and their property to brutalizing them before they can resume providing them coverage.

Meanwhile the editor’s guild, a body which takes editors is threatening to withdraw journalists from all campaign trails if this continues unattended to.

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