UPPA Condemns Brutality Against Journalists

Uganda Parliamentary Association condemns Police Brutality Against Journalists

Journalists covering Parliament under their umbrella The Uganda Parliamentary Association (UPPA) has expressed concern over the continued acts of brutality against fellow journalists in the line of duty by security forces.

This follows an incident on Sunday 27th December at Kyabakuza in Masaka where three journalists covering the Presidential candidate for the   National Unity Platform NUP party  Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi were allegedly shot at and admitted to several hospitals nursing severe injuries.

On a fateful day, Ghetto TV journalist Ashraf Kasirye sustained severe injuries on the head after he was hit with a blunt object which police later identified as a tear gas canister.

Other journalists including Ali Mivule (NTV) and Denial Lutaya (NBS) were also caught in the scuffle,

During a press briefing at parliament, the leaders of the UPPA said that all these incidents in the past of police brutality against journalists make us draw a conclusion that attacks on journalists are deliberate and meant to obstruct them from doing their job.

The President of UPPA Mr Moses Mulondo noted that on several occasions, journalists, especially those covering political events, are beaten up and threatened while in several incidents journalists have sustained serious injuries at the hands of security agents who should be protecting them.

They now appeal to the IGP Mr Martin Ochola to fast tracks a process to identify and reprimand security officers responsible for the acts that led to injuries sustained by journalists in the 27th December 2020 incident in Masaka District.

Mulondo said the media is a key stakeholder in promoting democracy and plays an important role in building an informed and free society, yet journalists on duty continue to suffer brutality and harassment.

“As part of the journalist’s fraternity in the country, we wish to reiterate our disappointment over the actions of security forces to curtail promotion of democracy in the country but also put lives and careers of journalists at risk,” Mr. Mulondo noted.

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