Early Cancer Diagnosis to Lower – Mortality Rate

Early Cancer Diagnosis to Lower Mortality

By Adiga Julius

The trend of cancer patients reporting to Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) with early cancer stages has started to improve compared to the past – the Executive Director of Uganda cancer institute Dr. Jackson Orem has said.

During a live television talk show in Kampala, Dr. Orem said that one of the biggest problems the institute has been facing is people presenting themselves very late with stage 3 and 4 cancer hence leading to high mortality of cancer patients in the country.

“We have already started seeing a trend, which is actually very exciting, in that the number of people that are coming with stage one and stage two is actually going up,” Dr. Orem explained.

He noted that with the early presentation of patients at the institute as a result of public awareness there is going to be an improvement in the outcome of cancer treatment. From quick diagnosis, counseling, and delivery of treatment effectively.

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