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Archbishop of Church of Uganda Condemns Miss Curvy Uganda

Today, Archbishop Stanley Ntagali released the following statement about the proposed Miss Curvy Uganda competition and tourism proposal:

“As Archbishop and on behalf of the entire Church of Uganda, we condemn the proposed Miss Curvy Uganda beauty pageant and urge the sponsors and partners to cancel it.

It undermines the dignity of women and all that we as a church have worked for to advance girl-child education and opportunities for women to take their part in contributing fully to our national and family development. It is a disgusting display of exploitation and brings shame upon our families and our country. The government is promoting trafficking to increase tourism.

To present such a programme is to demonstrate how low we have fallen as a country. We cannot accept it and we insist that It be cancelled.”

On 5th of this month, the state minister for tourism, Godfrey Kiwanda launched the new beauty pageant, dubbed Missy Curvy in Kampala.

The pageant is meant to show case the wonderful beautiful figures Ugandan women have. And for this, the minister re-echoed that, this will help lift the image of big women in Uganda who have always been despised by the community as compared to slim women who have always featured in all beauty contests.  

Ever since the launch, various women groups have condemned the new pageant saying it degrades Ugandan women.

Yesterday the parliamentary forum on children called for the cancellation of the competition and ordered Hon. Kiwanda to make an apology before a week elapses.

Kiwanda who is now well known for promoting a number of tourism packages namely, Tulambule , Ugandan Rolex among others has this time faced it rough with almost every Ugandan up in arms condemning the new package.

Uganda is well known for having women with nice figure, with most of them from the Buganda, Busoga, Ankole, Tooro, Bunyoro, Teso regions.


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