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Election Observers Call For A Participatory 2021 Process.

Ugandan election observers are demanding for fair and participatory electoral process in order to make their votes matter in the final process come 2021.

Addressing journalists today at the launch of the new mechanism to monitor the 2021 electoral road map dubbed, the citizens electoral roadmap tracker, the national coordinator CEDDU, Chrispy Kaheru says, the new monitoring system run by a consortium of electoral observer groups in their new force dubbed, The game changer emphasize the need to have citizens involved in all electoral processes and not only the final voting process.

The add that leaving out the citizens renders the whole electoral process un fair hence the increased chances of having a poor election.

He also notes that, the game changers will keep on tracking the electoral process as launched and declared by the electoral commission and will keep the public updated on what has been attained and what has failed as a way of giving accountability to the citizens.

Teopista Nankya and Micheal Aboneka all members of the game changer platform express their gratitude to the launch of the citizens electoral roadmap tracker saying, it will be used to monitor the implementation of the roadmap activities, highlight the milestones achieved along the line, raise a red lag on any omission or delays by the specified stakeholders and call on them to action.

They further give examples basing on the roadmap, of the cut-off date for the creation and demarcation of new administrative units and local governments which was meant for October 30th 2018 and yet they see pronouncements of the creation of new administrative units which according to them this has a great negative impact on planning for elections.

Uganda hopes to hold her general elections come 2021.


Some of the processes in the 2021 electoral roadmap include, re-arranging and demarcating polling stations and constituencies, re-arranging the voters register among other processes that lead to the final voting, counting and announcing of winners.


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