Ugandans Urged to Go For Regular Cancer Screening

Ugandans Urged to Go For Regular Cancer Screening

By Adiga Julius

The Uganda Cancer Institute has urged Ugandans to always go for regular screening for cancers in order to facilitate early detection and treatment.

The spokesperson of the Institute Christine Namulindwa says the number of new cancer patients registered by the institute every year has increased from 3000 cases a year to 5000 which is worrying.

“Majority of new patients we get are diagnosed with cancers in developed stages” Namulindwa noted.

She has also urged Ugandans to avoid risky behavior that exposes them to cancers such as lack of body exercise and eating fast foods. She further explained that the more one consumes fast foods, the more they become poisonous to the body. She said the environmental hazards are also another factor.

She also attributed the spread of cancer to family history where one of the family members could have suffered from cancer leading to cancer in off-springs, as well as aging; as one grows older cases of cancers emerge.

Namulidwa urged the public to take advantage of the free screening clinic at the Cancer Institute which runs from Monday to Friday.

She said the Institute has teams that goes into communities to educate Ugandans about cancers, and majority find out to be patients without their knowledge.

“So it is a strategy that we use as Cancer Institute to make sure many people are empowered with knowledge about risk factors of cancer” Namulinduwa explained.

She also disputed allegations that the recent acquired radiotherapy machine has broken down saying the machine is currently undergoing routine maintenance service.

“That’s why when it was put off for service; we put out notices to patients to inform them about this routine maintenance she noted.

She said before the machine is put on service the institute makes sure all emergencies are worked on and the reason for service is obviously to make sure it is working properly.

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