Uganda Government To Start Exporting Cultures To USA.

By. Damba Rogers

In a bid to take expose Ugandan cultures to the globe, ministry of gender and culture is to start exporting the 64 cultures in Uganda to the USA for showcasing to the people in the US and Ugandans living in the US as well.

The minister in charge of culture, Peace Mutuzo reveals that foreigners have been flying down to Uganda for cultural tourism but many have been missing out on certain cultures hence the reason by a few Ugandans partnering with people from the US to host the Uganda international cultural expo.

The 64 cultures represent the 64 major tribes hosted in Uganda among them being, Baganda, Basoga, Bagisu, Ankole, Bakiga, Batoro, Banyoro, Acholi, Aru, Madi, Karamajong, Ateso among others.

Most of these tribes and cultures being far away from Kampala or central, most tourists don’t get a chance to travel upcountry to interact with them. And this opportunity now presents a new window to people in the US to see all the cultures on one stage.

The minister adds that selection of the best performing groups from all the 64 cultures across Uganda will fly to the US to showcase their respective culture performances among other activies to the people in the US.

Each group will be allowed to fly out 10 participants, noting that government will support the travelling groups with Visas and airtickets.

“The Uganda international culture expo is an event government of Uganda and the promoters plan to turn into an annual event and move it to other countries not only in the US”. Says Hon. Mutuzo.


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