UCI To Receive Another Cancer Machine


By Adiga Julius

Uganda Cancer Institute will soon receive linear accelerator (LINAC) machine, a device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatment for patients with cancer.

The machine which delivers high-energy x-rays   to the region of the patient’s tumor in such a way that they destroy the cancer cells while sparing the surrounding normal tissues. Will be an addition to the already existing radiotherapy cobalt -60 machine at Uganda cancer institute

According the Director of Uganda cancer institute, Dr Jackson Orem, The machine which was bought from United States (USA) at 4000 million dollars on a loan from African development Bank and will soon reach Kampala.

He said the machine is on its way from Mombasa to the country, expected to enter Kampala in few weeks or days to come.

Some of the advantages of the machine include, providing a higher performance treatment process, therefore reducing the number of sessions .

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