The Failure by Agencies to Show up in Committees is a Challenge – Speaker

The speaker of Parliament, Rebecca kadaga says the main challenge facing parliament in the performance of its oversight role, is the failure by agencies to show up in committees when they are invited to present explanations on public matters.

According to Speaker  Kadaga, when agencies dodge or fail to appear before parliament, business in the house is affected, yet they are supposed to provide answers to the queries raised.

“When you invite agencies and either they dodge or they don’t come, it means that you will not able to carry out your programs according to the action plan” Kadaga noted.

She also said it is a major disappointment when the house expects a response from cabinet ministers, and they are not available.

Kadaga said she discussed the matter with President Museveni and hopes a solution will soon be sought over continued absenteeism of ministers in Parliament.

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