Taxis & Buses Without Charts Travelling Upcountry Permitted 

Taxis & Buses Without Charts Travelling Upcountry Permitted    

Govt has this evening given a three days waiver to taxis and buses that operate on long routes to ferry passengers during day and night starting tonight till Monday 8th June 2020 without route charts.

Addressing a news conference in Kampala, the ministers for Kampala Affairs, Betty Among, and Benah Namugwanya say, the decision to have a temporary waiver for taxis and buses traveling upcountry follows big numbers of passengers who were stranded in the taxi and bus parks yesterday due to limited public transport means.

The drivers are now asked to collect signed temporary permits from RCCs and KCCA.

Traffic police have been urged not to impound any taxi and Bus ferrying passengers upcountry within the three days since curfew has also been relaxed for the taxis and buses.

However, the minister confirms positive cases of KCCA officers who have now been isolated from their offices to be treated with special care to avoid the spread of COVID19.


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