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By.Damba Rogers                                              

The vice chairperson, Uganda human rights commission, Hon. Medi Mulumba is cautions human rights defender against faking rights violation cases saying this pauses a huge economic implication to the country’s resources envelop and image.

Speaking at the launch of the national human rights defenders referral network in Kampala today Hon. Mulumba stresses that a number of human rights defenders and journalists report cases of rights violation by security operatives but end up dropping the cases which frustrates the protection process.

However, the executive director national coalition of human rights defenders Robert Kirenga says, they are launching the network at a time when the country is witnessing an increase in the number of rights violation mainly to the human rights defenders adding that this pauses threat to fighting for the rights of the voiceless.

Over 20 offices of human rights defenders across uganda have experienced break-ins by un known persons with no single police report yet out despite a number of calls from activists to the state to avail them with the reports.

Organizations have corporate very well with the security organs during the cases by providing footage of those who break into their offices but nothing has come out.


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