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Political Parties Not Implementing Women Manifesto.

By.Damba Rogers

The report by Uganda women’s network (UWONET) reviewing the implementation of the 2016-2020 women manifesto highlights failures by political parties to front and implement women issues.

Political parties which had candidates contend for political space in the 2016 general elections presented manifesto s which had women issues that they were to implement as a way of causing gender balance.

But the mid term review report now shows that political parties have grossly failed to front and implement women issues.

Issue of health mainly maternal health, education and sports, women economic empowerment, land rights, graft among others which were meant to champion women growth and development have not been handled with at-most importance.

According to the executive director UWONET Rita Aciro, political parties in uganda have to always think through their manifestos upon drafting to avoid giving false hope to citizens.

Meanwhile, on a scale of 1-10, the executive director Women’s democracy network-Uganda chapter Perry Arituwa measure NRM which is the ruling party on a scale of 4/10 since it controls the national budget and the opposition,3/10 since its meant to guide on sensitive issues in the country.

The report recommends that issues affecting women should be given priority to strike balance in growth and development of both men and women in Uganda.


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