Police Investigates gang Soliciting Money from Prominent Persons by Threatening to Release Their Nudes

By Ritah Ainembabazi

The Police Cyber Crime Unit are investigating cases of obtaining money by false pretences and demanding money by menace.

The unit has received over 100 complaints from prominent Ugandans including corporates, business people, lawyers, doctors, Members of Parliament and others claiming that unknown persons sent them photoshopped photographs showing them in compromising positions and they were demanding money not to publish them on social media.

According to Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango, the cyber-crime teams are still investigating the allegations and they are closing on the suspects. 

Onyango says the illegal practices have gained momentum that on Wednesday (29/4/2020), the unit registered three cases from Members of Parliament.

“Our investigations show that the criminals target prominent people and get a range of their photographs.

The criminals then get nude photographs from the internet and use computer applications to photoshop them to appear as if their victims were having sexual intercourses on camera” Onyango says 

After manipulating their victims’ photographs, the criminals call or send them the photoshopped photographs and demand money lest they publish them on social media or give to the media.

The criminals are demanding money ranging from US$1,000 to US$10,000.

The police mouth piece reveals that some unsuspecting victims have paid the money to the criminals while others have refused to yield to the threats and reported to police.

He is now appealing to the public to be on the lookout for these criminals and urges them not to yield to their demands. 

“As soon as they contact you, please call the police immediately”Onyango says adding that the Cyber-Crime Unit have been tasked with the duty to monitor, analyse and look for these criminals to have them arrested and prosecuted.

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