Nurses & Midwives New Leadership Ushered In

By. Julius Adiga

The national midwives association of Uganda has today ushered in the new executive led by Kanyunyuzi Annette Evelyn who has vowed to work on unprofessional midwives and nurses as a way of improving service delivery to mothers and their new bones.

Speaking at the commissioning and handover ceremony today in Kampala, the state minister for health Dr. Joyce Kaduchu asked the new executive to have all midwives and nurse under one umbrella, saying this will foster togetherness.

However, Kanyunyuzi sighted the need for govt to increase on the number of midwives and nurses to help lift off the heavy burden the current skeleton of midwives and nurses are carrying.

The ushered in executive of over eight NEC members and over four regional coordinators has been asked to exhibit high levels of transparency, volunteerism and integrity as they run the association.

Uganda has 13 mini midwives associations which bring together professionals from different regions of the country and these feed into the national association which has ushered in new leadership.


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