Museveni Warns Ugandans Against Fake Corona Medicine

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Museveni Warns Ugandans against Fake Corona Medicine

President Museveni has ordered the minister of Information and national guidance Judith Nabakoba to close radio stations that advertise any form of treatment against coronavirus.

Museveni was responding to concerns during his address yesterday to the nation .
He said that people who advertise fake medicines purported to treat Covid-19 virus must be arrested because there is no such thing like corona medicine.

Museveni said although some herbs can cure certain illnesses like diarrhea, there isn’t yet any a medicine or herbs that cure the corona virus.
“close down radios that advertise fake medicines, this is a new virus so there is no cure yet since it’s new” he said.
He said the mandate to approve drugs lies with national drug authority (NDA)

Uganda now has a total of 48 people that have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The pandemic which started from the city of wuhan in china has now killed 53,000 people around the world with Italy having the biggest number of deaths, 1,100,283 confirmed cases of infected people worldwide with majority from United States with 277,965 people and 226,669 who have so recovered worldwide.
According data from John Hopkins University in USA.

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