Lord Mayor Asks- Government For Funds To Improve KCCA Schools

Kampala lord mayor Elias Lukwago has asked Government to provide
enough funds for the improvement of the KCCA schools.

While appearing before the presidential affairs committee of parliament with KCCA officials to present the budget frame work paper for the financial year 2019/2020, Lukwgo said that the standard of KCCA primary schools used to be among the best performing schools in the country but now they now among the poor performers.

He said that in the recent released primary leaving examinations (PLE )results for 2018 , there is no KCCA school out of the 86 which registered a single four aggregates, which needs funds to raise their standards.

Lukwago has also asked parliament to help KCCA align its budget with
its mandate of constructing markets, collecting garbage and improving
the road network.

The lord mayor noted that out of the 2100 kilo meter road network for
Kampala city council authority only 700 kilo meters are tarmacked due to lack enough funds.

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