Locusts To Attack Again In July. Govt

By Damba Rogers

The desert locust control organization is warning East African member states of another massive attack of desert locusts very soon.

According to the state minister for agriculture Agrey Bagire, the desert locust control organization states that the insects are currently hatching eggs and in a few months from now they are going to attack again.

On 9th February this year, Uganda witnessed the phases of desert locust attack in Amudat district.

The minister says, 90% of the locusts which attacked Uganda were massively sprayed with others migrating to S.Sudan.

Working with experts from the desert locust control organization, Food and Agriculture organization and other UN agencies, they warn that currently the locusts are hatching with fears that they are going to attack EAC member states again.

Bagire assures the nation that, “they are more than ready to spray the desert locusts in case they attack again.”








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