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Kadaga Calls for Tree planting During Christmas Break

Kadaga calls for tree planting during Christmas break

By our reporter

The Speaker of Parliament, Hon Rebecca Kadaga has  called upon Ugandans to use the forthcoming long festive season to plant more trees as a way of recovering the environment that has been heavily destroyed by the aggressive deforestation across the  country.

“Our forest cover used to be 100% but now its less that 80%, but with this practice I have dream of having over 100 million trees in Uganda planted by Ugandans and this will greatly help in recovering our environment,” she said.
Kadaga made these remarks during her visit to Kitubulu central Forest reserve Lwamunda sector in Entebbe on 7th December 2018.

She further appreciated Ugandans who have developed forest reserves by setting up forest lodges and she hailed it as the  best way to boost eco tourism in Uganda. NFA started on a program where parts of forests are allocated to individuals to develop them into ecotourism sites by establishing cottages for accommodation.

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