Government Scraps Illegal Taxi Fees

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To avoid the exploitation of taxi operators and create harmony among them, the government through the ministry in charge of Kampala has with effect suspend all welfare fees imposed on taxi operators in taxi parks in Kampala.

Addressing journalists today in Kampala, the ministers in charge of Kampala, Betty Amongi, and Benny Namugwanya reveal that there have been several complaints raised by taxi operators regarding various charges that are being levied by various associations in the taxi business.

They have charged taxi operators UGX.800,000-2,000,000 to be allocated a stage, UGX.1000-4500 to allow a taxi to enter a park, UGX.5000-20,000 loading fees among others which the operators raised serious complaints.

The ministers are asking all the leaders in charge of the accounts where these fees have been deposited not to withdraw them until we resolve the matter

The minister also asks taxi operators to form SACCOs which will always act as lean back positions in time like these.

Now the government confirms it will give final guidance regarding the running of the taxi business in Kampala for the next month as we resolve the matter.

All taxi operators being forced to pay the above fees are encouraged to report the cases of extra charges to Kampala Capital City Authority or police.

KCCA signed an MOU with private taxi parks not to charge parking fees exceeding UGX.3500 per vehicle per day.





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