Foreign Missions To Transform From Consumptive To Productive Sector

By. Damba Rogers

Uganda’s ambassador to Sudanese James Kinobe reveals that the government has instructed foreign missions to shift from being consumptive agencies to production agencies as a way of supporting the state.

According to Kinobe foreign mission through the foreign affairs ministry have been asked to start up business opportunities to support their daily businesses than always relaying fully on state resources.

Kinobe further mentions that missions in USA, UK and other countries abroad are now being rented out with proceeding being used to finance daily businesses as well as extend services to Ugandans in those countries.

Most Ugandans in the diaspora have always complained about the continued and poor services by foreign missions to them.

Ugandan ambassadors earn a monthly salary of UGX.7 million which Kinobe wants to be increased given the huge tasks they perform.

Foreign missions are responsible for offering consular services to Ugandan citizens abroad and also help none Ugandans intending to travel to Uganda for visits, starting business, and learning among other activities to get guidance from the embassy before they travel to Uganda.

He further urges Ugandans to exercise their right on the 14th of January 2021 to elect the leaders of their choice.  


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