Facilitating Small Cultural Institutions is Dangerous-MPs

Facilitaing Small Cultural Institutions is Dangerous-MPs

By Nassiwa Hanifah Samula

Members of parliament on the committee of budget have disagreed with the proposal of facilitating cultural leaders with shillings 10 million every month. This follows the budget proposal of ministry of Gender which was presented to the budget committee by the chairperson of the committee on gender Alex Ndezi requesting parliament to approve a monthly payment of 10 million shillings to the cultural leaders from 5 million which was previously paid to them.

Members of the committee including Hon Muwanga kivumbi for Butambala county and Cecilia Ogwal ,the woman MP for Dokolo district among others have have however disagreed with this proposal saying that the known cultural institutions have been getting 5 million shillings per month including security and a vehicle and they do not see why that money should be doubled.

The MPs say,there are so many small cultural institutions that are being created every now and then expecting money from government yet they are illegal in nature. According to hon Muwanga kivumbi government has made these  cultural institutions too political and that they should never forget the Buganda crisis in kayunga.

He further says “a nominal fee of 5 million shillings should bet maintained,all those who can’t sustain themselves should collapse.”All payments from the state house must be stopped because if the state continues facilitating other cultural states then there is a problem”says honourable Cecilia Ogwal , adds that in Lango there are two paramount chiefs and one of them is favored by the president and thus money keeps flowing to him leaving out the other one.

The MPs demand that government goes back to the constitution to determine the rightful cultural leaders who should be receiving money from government. 

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