Eac Women Castigate Regional Bodies for Shying Away From M7-Kagame Saga.

By Damba Rogers

Women involved in cross border trade in the EAC region are questioning why regional bodies like the AU, EAC and donor partners are silent as the two presidents, YK.M7 and Kagame fail to resolve their issues and have the borders re-opened.

It,s now one year since Rwanda closed the borders to Uganda which has affected businesses between the two countries.

Hon. Shilah Kawamala, the executive director, East African sub-regional support initiative for the advancement of women (EASSI) describes the closure of the border as an act contravening the regional treaty and the common market protocol.

Akankwasa Miriam is the chairperson Katuna cross border women co-ops accompanied by Maria Babu the chairperson Busia women cross border co-ops who are crying out loud to the two presidents to resolve their issues and have the borders re-opened.

Akankwasa who used to earn UGX.500,000 is now burdened with servicing a bank loan of over UGX.12M deals in mattress businesses.

The two presidents met on 21st february to resolve the matter but nothing positive came out of the meeting which angered traders on the borders.

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