Anxiety as CPC Cash is Delayed

Anxiety as CPC Cash is Delayed

By our reporter

It is 64 days since the 64th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference (CPC) was successfully hosted by the parliament of Uganda, from September 22-29 this year.

However tension is rising among parliamentary staffs who expect to receive pay as organizers run out of patience, just as it was being organized, many staff , including parliamentary police officers and some Ugandans outside parliament, scrambled to be registered to offer service to some of the activities (CPC) was bringing as they hoped to get fat pay.

Some of the roles they played included being ushers, guides, driver’s security assistants, entertainers, etc.

Those who participated in offering service for the 64th (CPC) in Kampala are now wondering when they will taste the money as many planned to, pay school fees, pay loans with the money they expected in the 8 days conference that took place between 22 -29 of September in Munyoyo commonwealth resort in Kampala.

These days you hear some people at parliament especially those expecting pay (asking) themselves hello where is (CPC)? Meaning when are we receiving our money.

Eyewitness heard one expectant participant telling a colleague “man for me I have now given up on those (CPC) things” and noting that the money has taken longer than he expected.

Some of them thought they were going to receive cash per day, while others expected to be paid immediately after the closing of the conference, which was not the case.

The expectations to receive the money even got high last week, when information leaked that the social media team had received 1.5 Million shillings each for the work they did.

Our reporter overheard one of them saying “how can they pay social media team and leave out, we who did a lot of work are not paid”

When eyewitness talked to one of the parliamentary staff how much he is expecting from (CPC) work, he said “we don’t even know how much each is going to be paid” he noted.

The Chairperson CPC organizing committee who is also Masindi Woman MP Jalia Bintu confirmed the delay in payments to staffs, but affirmed that soon the payments will be done.

According to a source on the condition of anonymity, the payment may be released in December.

The Common Wealth Parliamentary Conference is one is of the largest annual gatherings of commonwealth parliamentarians founded in 1911.

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