UN Urged to Improve Infrastructure in Refugee- Camps

By Nassiwa Hanifah.

Obongi county MP Kaps Hassan Fungaro is calling upon United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR to work together with the government of Uganda to improve infrastructure in refugees ‘hosting  areas which he says need immediate attention.

Fungaro says areas that need immediate attention are the roads, Health Facilities, Schools, Markets among others.

Fungaro says that with the current rains the roads are terrible, bridges have broken down , as a result of heavy trucks that transport relief items for refugees .

He points out roads from Kampala to Moyo via Gulu, obongi , yumbe and Arua among others.

Fungaro further notes with concern that, the  state of Health facilities that are shared by refuges including Obongi health centre four which needs to be upgraded to a hospital as a result of the load of work its handling, Lacor  and Gulu referral hospitals which are shared with refugees.

He notes that the schools especially in Moyo, Arua Adjuman among others are overwhelmed with numbers and there is need to build more structures and increase the number of teachers to accommodate the swelling numbers.


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