1000 Online Drivers Go To New Partner.

By. Damba Rogers                  

1000 online drivers under their body, smart online drivers association (SODA) have today signed a memorandum of understanding with a new online operator dubbed, Little ride and have dropped their respective previous operators namely, Uber, Taxify, bolt and others.

The visibly happy drivers castigate their former online operators for being cheats in business and only wishing themselves well as compared to them who spend hours driving.

According to the chairman SODA, Musa Kabunga and operations manager, Max Godfrey, the new smart drivers operator they have partnered with has fair prices among other favorable packages that are geared at growing them as individuals as compared to their former online partners.

The business growth manager Kampala Little ride, Ajay Pal Siyh notes that, they have studied the taxi business environment in Uganda and Africa as a whole before starting up in Uganda and pledges the best packages for both the customers and the drivers ranging from security, transport fairs, convenience among others.

The MOU signed today in Kampala will now see online taxi drivers starting charging as low as UGX.8000 as opposed to UGX.4000 which was set by their former operators which to them was very little money given the distance and current prices and drivers are now free to move to any corner of this country which has not been the case.


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