Government Tasked On Failure To Equally Finance Political Parties.

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The alliance for campaign finance monitoring (ACFIM) is asking the finance ministry to explain the continued unequal allocation of funds to political parties during election time and the consistent denial to appropriate funds to finance political parties in the line with provision 14(b) of the political parties and organizations Act as amended.

Addressing the media this morning in Kampala, the executive director ACFIM Henry Muguzi and the board treasurer Fred Musisi still demand that the finance ministry without delay appropriates funds and finance to all registered political parties on an equal basis in respect of the election 2021 adding that short of this, the ministry risks being held in contempt of section 14(b) of the political parties and organizations Act.

They also maintain that, by not financing political parties in respect of elections, the ministry is denying them participating fairly in the coming general elections.

ACFIM also questions the yardstick used by the finance ministry to allocate UGX.15 billion to political parties on the basis of numerical strength in parliament under section 14(c) and not 14(b) remains unclear.

ACFIM officials also urge political parties to consider setting up avenues to constantly finance their activities than relying on state funds which don’t come as required.

Since April 9th 2010 when the amendment of political parties and organizations Act to provide for the use of government or other public resources for political party and organization activities came into force, government has consistently ignored section 14(b) of the amendment which provides that, “ in respect of elections, government shall finance political organizations and parties on equal basis.


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