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Ugandans Urged To Go For Early Cancer Screening.

Ugandans Urged To Go For Early Cancer Screening.

By Acaye Henry.

The former Commissioner in charge of Clinical Services in the Ministry of Health, Dr Jacinto Amandua has advised Ugandans to go for early cancer checkups to avoid late diagnosis and treatment.

He made the remarks, during the celebration to mark world child cancer day at Uganda cancer institute in Mulago.

“I came to participate in the world cancer day and to support the incentives for cancer prevention, treatment and palliations, the good thing with cancer is, if you are diagnosed early, you can get cured with treatment especially in children Dr Amandua noted.”

He commended the institute for the efforts it has put in cancer awareness of the population, and focus on the common cancers in the country, and also government support in strengthening regional cancer centers, which he says has been a very big problem, because many people were failing to make it to Kampala.

Dr Amandua  who is also a cancer patient  urged people   with cancer not see it as death sentence ,especially when diagnosed early  because it can be treated ,therefor calling upon  Ugandans to consider early checkups.

“Am also a cancer patient by the way, I have been with cancer for  last 6 years ,I take care of myself ,people should not be scared when they are diagnosed with it, because it’s not death sentence ,so  you should come early ,take your treatment ,take the advice of  the doctor and you move on ,since 2012 am still alive ,so it’s not very hopeless Dr Amandua narrates.”

He noted that Uganda cancer institute, structures are very good and have helped him and therefore he is not disappointed with the treatment at the institute, adding that the institute is ever calling people for early screening but people don’t come, even the educated.

“My advice is that people should come and check, at least once a year especially if you are over 30 years old, the problem is most people don’t come early and the results are not very good, He said.

Dr Jacinto Amandua retired from the clinical services  of the health  ministry   early last year .


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