Ugandan MPs Pay Tribute to The Fallen President of Burundi

Ugandan MPs Pay Tribute to Fallen President of Burundi

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Members of parliament have paid tribute to the fallen president of Burundi Pierre Nkurunzinza who succumbed to cardiac arrest yesterday.

Some Legislators hailed Nkurunziza for introducing democracy in Burundi when he led a peaceful transfer of power but some believe his death exposes African leaders who do less to build health systems in their countries.

The world was shocked yesterday with the sudden death of the outgoing President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza who succumbed to cardiac arrest. Members of parliament of Uganda have today paid tribute to the 55-year-old Nkurunziza who was due to step down in August this year. They hailed him for heading a democratization process of Burundi to end anarchic that dominated the country’s history.

Gulu Municipality Member of Parliament Lyandro Komakech said that the fallen President came to power as a young man, many did not believe that he could run the country for over 15 years, but managed to stabilize the country, notwithstanding many challenges that still do exist.

 “He also demonstrated that power can be handed over, though in the first instance didn’t want to do that, he wanted to run for the third term but decided to listen to voices of people of Burundi and decided he would not run for the third term, Mr. Lyandro noted”.

Buikwe county south MP David Ronnie Mutebi, said the late Nkurunzinza will be remembered and applauded for his efforts in restoring sanity and peace in Burundi, despite the fact that he came into power through war and bloodshed but restored sanity, held power until he prepared a very peaceful election at the time he was preparing to hand power to the next president.

On regional front Mr. Mutebe explains that the fallen President of Burundi has been one of the supporters of the East African community, mush as his country has been going through economic hardships, he has always made effort to submit their subscriptions to the community.

But the Kassanda North MP Patrick Nsamba contends that Nkurunziza leaves behind a very tainted legacy, claiming he exhibited greed of the highest order when he designed a huge retirement package for himself that would become a burden to Burundi’s staggering economy.

Some legislators attributed the quick death of Nkurunzinza in a local medical facility to the weakness of African leaders who pay less attention to health systems at home because they can afford treatment abroad.

They asked African leaders to learn a lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic to build local health capacity.




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